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Aditya Raman Power Art

My Art Style

My abstract concept art is created using photographs taken on my iPhone and then digitally processed using various painting techniques to get the desired vision.


The photo subjects are landscape, daily life, nature or anything interesting to the eye.

I have been practising my unique technique since 2018, wherein I play with my photographs on Photoshop; altering and layering them using different computer technical skills and then filling them with desired colour strokes as per my vision. 

All my work is in high resolution Digital format, 500 pixels per inch, and takes many days and man hours to get the final result. It's like meditation; with patience and focus. The pulse between breathing in and breathing out!

About Me

Also known as AdityaInfinity, I am a free style digital artist, self-taught with no art schooling. My medium is digital and artwork, Abstract.

Power Art as I call it, is based on philosophy, spiritualism and Divine intuition; for bringing good vibes and positive natural energy in any room setting. With the world undergoing chaos, art and creativity are the only hope left for mankind, for a robust mental health and a bright future.

​I have been practising my unique technique since 2018, but have recently started showcasing my concept art. ​Currently, I reside in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India.





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